What is KCSM?

KC School of Ministry (KCSM) is a ministry training school committed to raising up the next generation of leaders. We accomplish that mission through our commitment to four key areas.

Academic Excellence
Learn and develop your knowledge of the Bible and leadership skills that will prepare you for ministry.

Ministry Training
Get hands on experience in a progressive environment of excellence.

Spiritual Growth                                                                                          
Discover and use your gifts and develop personal character. Strive for a closer personal relationship with Christ.                        

Relational Growth
Face your insecurities and make friends that will last a lifetime.

The Four Core Values of KCSM

1. Increased Level of Sacrifice
We exist to seek out and equip a generation willing to fully commit to their lives to Christ.

2. Intentional Personal Growth
We exist to facilitate personal discipleship opportunities so that our students grow in their relationship with Christ.

3. Individual  Gifting
We exist to discover and foster the personal gifts and callings of each student.

4. Realistic View
We exist to train our students in life skills that will prepare  them for a  life in ministry.