School of Ministry SAGU Partnership
You can earn an AA, BA, and/or Master's Degree
*50% online tuition discount only available for AA or BA degrees
*40% online tuition discount for Master's Degree
*All Class work is Accredited
Course can be transferred to another university
All courses are done online with seminar courses available on site 

-All AA Bible courses can be applied to any bachelor’s degree at SAGU
-Students are required to keep a GPA of at least 2.0 and complete at least 70% of the courses that they enroll in.
-Students that enroll with low ACT scores may be required to take certain developmental courses. 
  • Church Minitries 
  • General Studies
  • Business Administration 
  • Addictions Counseling 
  • Human Servcies 
  •  Business Administration 
  •  Church Leadership
  •  Church Leadership - Children & Family Ministries 
  •  Church Leadership - Church Planting
  •  Church Leadership - Church Revitalzation
  •  Church Leadership - Pastoral Leadership
  •  Church Leadership - Spiritual Formation
  •  Church Leadership - Worship Ministry
  •  Church Leadership - Youth & Student Ministries
  •  Human Services - Counseling
  •  Human Services - Criminal Justice
  •  Human Services - Psychology
  •  Human Services - Social Work
  •  Practical Theology
  •  Organizational Leadership
  •  Business Administratioin 

Tuition Information
Fall 2020-2021
Please go to Al Davis Ministries KCSOM for current pricing. All accredited courses qualify for financial aid. Almost all our students graduate debt free. We offer a quality and affordable education.