SAGU Online operates on a traditional 15 week semester format. 
As a rule of thumb, the Fall semester normally begins during the first week of Septemeber; the Spring semester norammly begins during the second week of January. To avoid delays, a student must be admitted to the univeristy, have financial aid in place, and have cleared registration to begin coursework on the first day of the semester.

In addition to the two major starts listed above, SAGU Online also has second start semesters that new students can take advantage of.  Second starts begin about a month after the regular start. They are 8 week semesters and help late arrivals or go-getters take a few classes before the next term. It is at the site director's discretion as to whether students at the site are allowed to begin in a second start semester.

Summer 2021 class selection opens May 10, 2021.
Summer 2021 financial aid ends May 17, 2021. 

Fall 2021 semester will be posted as we receive information.
Date Event Description
5/10/2021 Summer Semester Begins
5/17/2021 Financial Registration Closes
7/30/2021 Summer Semester Ends