Enrollment Policy
As a participant in the Discipleship Ministries academic plan, I understand that if I am dismissed from or voluntarily leave my local program for any reason, Southwestern Assemblies of God University has the right to administratively withdraw me from all courses.

Grant Policy.
I further understand that the Discipleship Ministries Grant is limited to first-time students at SAGU and students currently approved to be a part of the Discipleship Ministries program. If I am a former SAGU student, the Discipleship Ministries Grant will not be applied to my student account.

I understand that the Discipleship Ministries grant can only be applied to Discipleship Ministries coursework and can only be applied to a particular course one time. If I have to retake a course, I understand that the grant is not available again for that course.

Refund Policy
I understand that all monies I pay to SAGU will be returned to me if a refund is applicable. All monies paid by the church or Discipleship Ministry program will be returned to the church of the Discipleship Ministry program if a refund is applicable.

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